4 Complete the Post-Migration Tasks

After successfully migrating the projects from DevCS on Traditional to DevCS on OCI, test the projects and its artifacts thoroughly, and then perform cleanup tasks.

Test the Target DevCS Instance

After all projects and their artifacts are migrated, thoroughly test all artifacts of each project.

You may open the source project in a web browser window and the target project in another browser window, and match each artifact in both projects. You have some time before you're asked to delete your source DevCS instance and its projects.

Clean Up Resources in Traditional

After thoroughly testing all projects and their data, clean up the resources in the source DevCS instance.

You can't delete DevCS on Traditional service instance. The service instance was made available to you when you created a PaaS instance, such as a Java Cloud Service instance. As long as your PaaS instance is active, the DevCS instance remains active. When it phases out, DevCS phases out too.

Delete Projects in the Source DevCS Instance

DevCS in OCI Classic Perform these steps in the source DevCS instance as the Organization Administrator.

  1. Open the source DevCS instance.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Organization Organization.
  3. In the Projects tab, click select all to select all projects.
  4. Click Update Selected Actions and select Delete.
  5. In the Delete Project dialog box, click Delete.
  6. With all projects selected, click Update Selected Actions and select Remove Forever.
  7. In the Remove Forever dialog box, select the I understand that projects will be permanently deleted check box and click Remove Forever.
All projects of the source DevCS instance are now deleted.

Delete OCI Object Storage Buckets

After deleting projects of the source DevCS instance, delete the OCI Object Storage buckets you used to export project archive files, unless you want to use them for future storage.

Delete an OCI Object Storage Bucket

To delete an OCI Object Storage bucket, delete its objects first.

To delete a bucket and its objects, sign in to OCI dashboard as the OCI administrator:
  1. Open the OCI dashboard.
  2. In the left navigation bar, under Core Infrastructure, go to Object Storage and click Object Storage.
  3. Click the bucket name.
  4. In the Objects section, select the check box of the first column heading to select all archive files.


    Objecst in a bucket
  5. Click Delete.
  6. In the Delete Objects dialog box, click Delete.
  7. Scroll up to the top of the page and click the Delete button below the bucket name.
  8. In the Confirm Delete dialog box, click Delete.