Development — ODBC

This section describes issues associated with ODBC development.

SQLPrepare() and SQLExecDirect() Calls Fail for Read-Only Connections (ODBC)

When connecting with read-only access, the SQLPrepare() call fails due to a restriction in Exadata Express. The SQLExecDirect() call also fails for the same reason.


Use write access instead of read-only access. There are a number of ways to setup the write access in an ODBC application.

For example:

  • On Linux, set ATTRIBUTES=W in .odbc.ini configuration file.

  • On Windows, uncheck Read-Only Connection in utility odbcad32.

  • In an application, you can do one of the following:

    • Pass in DBA=w instead of DBA=R as the parameter in SQLDriverConnect() function call.

    • Pass in SQL_ATTR_ACCESS_MODE and SQL_MODE_READ_ONLY parameters in SQLSetConnectAttr() function call.