Manage deployment backups

Deployment Backups can help you troubleshoot issues, clone deployments, and restore deployments. Deployment Backups are automatically created daily. You can also create manual backups at any time, and save them to your Oracle Object Storage tenancy.


This information applies only to Data replication deployments.

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Creating a Manual Backup

To create a backup:
  1. On the deployment details page, under Resources, click Deployment backups.
  2. Click Create backup.
  3. In the Create backup panel, enter a name for the backup.
  4. From the Compartment dropdown, select the compartment of your tenancy's Oracle Object Storage.
  5. From the Oracle Object Storage in <compartment_name> dropdown, select the Object Storage bucket where your backup will be stored.
  6. For Object name, enter a name for the backup as it'll appear in Object Storage. Ensure to add the file extension .xz at the end of the object name.


    You can then download the manual backup and use a client that supports .xz file types to unzip it.
  7. Select Backup metadata only to create a backup without Trail files.
  8. Click Create backup.

Manual backup directory structure

You can create a manual backup of your OCI GoldenGate and save it to your Oracle Object Storage tenancy. From there, you can download the manual backup locally, and then access a full directory of the GoldenGate deployment's files, including log and trail files.

The directory structure of a manual backup appears similar to the following:

  • bin

  • cfgtoollogs

  • deinstall

  • diagnostics

  • include

  • install

  • inventory

  • jdk

  • jlib

  • lib

    • instantclient

    • sql

    • utl

  • OPatch

  • oraInst.loc

  • oui

  • srvm

The following table describes the key Oracle GoldenGate directories and the variables used to reference them. When you see these variables in an example or procedure, replace the variable with the full path to the corresponding directory path in your manual backup directory.

Directory Name Variable Description Default Directory Path

Oracle GoldenGate home


The Oracle GoldenGate home that is created on a host computer is the directory that you choose to install the product. This read-only directory contains binary, executable, and library files for the product.


Deployment configuration home


The location where each deployment information and configuration artifacts are stored.


Deployment security home


The location where each deployment security artifacts (certificates, wallets) are stored.


Deployment data home


The location where each deployment data artifacts (trail files) are stored.


Deployment variable home


The location where each deployment logging and reporting processing artifacts are stored.


Deployment etc home


The location where your deployment configuration files are stored including parameter files.


Viewing deployment backup details

From the Deployment Backups list, click a backup to view its details.

On the Deployment Backup Details page, you can:

  • Restore
  • Create Clone
  • Move it to another compartment
  • Add Tags
  • Delete it
  • View Deployment Backup information:
    • Deployment Backup OCID
    • Compartment
    • When the backup was created
    • When the backup was last updated
    • When the backup started
    • When the backup finished
    • Backup type
    • Backup size
    • Source type (manual or automatic)
    • Backup source
    • Backup location
    • Object name in Oracle Object Store
    • GoldenGate version
  • View Work Requests

Copy deployment backup

To copy a deployment backup:
  1. Choose one of the following options:
    1. On the Deployments page, select the deployment you want to backup. Under Resources, select Deployment backups. In the Deployment backups page, select Copy from the Action (three dots) menu.
    2. On the Deployment Backups page, select Copy for a deployment backup in the Resources section of a deployment's details page.
    3. On the Deployment Backups page, select a deployment backup. In the Deployment backup details page, click Copy .
  2. On the Copy backup panel, select a compartment from the dropdown and an Object storage bucket from the dropdown.
  3. Click Copy.
Your copy appears in the list of deployment backups.


If you want a local copy of your deployment backup, you can download it from your Object Storage bucket.

Restoring a deployment from a backup

You can use a backup to restore a deployment to the state when the backup was created.

To restore a deployment backup:
  1. On the Deployment Details page, under Resources, click Deployment Backups.
  2. From the list of Deployment Backups, select a backup to restore.
  3. On the Deployment Backup Details page, click Restore.
  4. In the Restore dialog, click Restore.

Creating a Deployment Clone

You can use deployment backups to create a clone of a deployment.

You can create a deployment clone from the Deployment Backup Details page. Click Create Clone, and then complete the Create Deployment Clone wizard, which is identical to the Create Deployment wizard. For more information, see Create deployments.