Add Applications

You can add Oracle Applications or Custom Applications in Oracle Identity Cloud Service, if you are assigned to either the identity domain administrator role or the application administrator role.

See Add or Remove a User Account from an Administrator Role for information about assigning users to administrator roles.

You can add the following types of custom applications in Oracle Identity Cloud Service:
  • App Catalog application: Add an application from the Application Catalog, which contains pre-configured application templates.

  • SAML application: Accessed by multiple users and hosted in a secure and protected place (server). Create a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) application that supports SAML for single sign on. This allows users to single sign-on (SSO) into your software as a service (SaaS) applications that support SAML for SSO.

  • Mobile application: Hosted directly on the resource owner's browser, machine, or mobile device. An example of this type of application is an Android or iPhone application. A mobile application can run in multiple environments outside of your control. Since these environments are not trusted, this type of application has reduced integration options.

  • Confidential application: Accessed by multiple users and hosted in a secure and protected place (server). The application uses OAuth 2.0. Applications that can protect their OAuth client id and client secret are called confidential applications

  • Enterprise application: Web applications that require App Gateway to integrate with Oracle Identity Cloud Service for authentication purposes. Oracle App Gateway passes HTTP headers to the application after authenticating and authorizing user's access.