Add a Terms of Use

You create a Terms of Use that you can map it to an application or to multiple applications. When a user tries to access a particular application, the Terms of Use mapped to that application is presented to the user. When the user accepts the terms of use and provides his consent, he is allowed to access that application.

To create a Terms of Use, perform the following procedure:
  1. From the navigation drawer, click Security and then click Terms of Use.
  2. In the Terms of Use screen, click Add.
  3. In the Add Terms of Use screen, enter the following details:
    • Name: Enter a name for the Terms of Use to easily identify it.
    • Description: Enter the description to help understand the purpose and usage of this Terms of Use.
    • Duration: Enter the duration for which the Terms of Use consent will be valid. The value can range between 1 and 365 days. Select Never Expires if you do not want this Terms of Use to expire.

    Click Next to proceed to the Statements screen. A confirmation message is displayed.

  4. In the Statements screen, click Add and perform the following:
    • Language: A list of supported language is displayed. Select the language in which you want to create the statement for your Terms of Use.
    • Statement: Enter or paste the statement content.

    Click Save.

  5. In the Assign Applications screen, click Add and perform the following:
    • Search and select the application that you want to assign to this Terms of Use. Alternatively you can select multiple applications to assign them with this Terms of Use.
    Click OK and the confirmation message is displayed.
  6. Click Finish.