Understand Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are the rules that one must agree to abide in order to access an application.

The Terms of Use feature in Oracle Identity Cloud Service helps customer to set the terms and conditions for the users to access an application, based on the user's consent. This feature allows the identity domain administrator to set relevant disclaimers for legal or compliance requirements and enforce the terms by refusing the service.

In Oracle Identity Cloud Service, you can grant or deny access to the applications based on the consent provided by the user. When the user logs in for the first time, the relevant disclaimers for legal or compliance requirements are displayed. The user has the option of either accepting or denying his consent for accessing that particular application based on the content of the disclaimer. If the user does not provide his consent by accepting the Terms of Use, he will not be allowed to access that particular application. As a domain or security administrator, you can create or customize your disclaimers based on the need and language of your choice.