Learn about common problems that you might encounter when using applications and learn how to solve them.

I added a custom mobile application, but the Client Secret doesn't appear in the Application Added window. Why is that?

Because a custom browser or mobile device application runs on an unauthenticated browser, machine, or mobile device, Oracle Identity Cloud Service doesn't generate a Client Secret for this type of application.

I'm trying to add an Oracle application to Oracle Identity Cloud Service, but I can't do this. Why is that?

When you use an Oracle application as part of a subscription-based service, your application is cloud-ready (and ready for you). Therefore, you don’t have to add it to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Unable to Obtain Access Token with Special Characters in the Client ID or Client Secret.

When requesting an access token, the client id and client secret cannot contain special characters.

I deleted an App Link associated with my SAML App, but it is still appearing on the My Apps page.

You need to wait (typically a few seconds) for the asynchronous task to remove the App Link before the App no longer appears on the My Apps page.

I'm an end user and I do not see an application that has been granted to me on the My Apps page. Why is that?

Contact your administrator with the details such as the application name. A likely cause could be that the administrator did not select the Display in My Apps option for that application.

Unable to synchronize a deleted user when that user is created again in the authoritative application.

After deleting a user from the authoritative application, you need to perform full synchronization before you create the user again in the authoritative application.

When you delete a synchronized user from Oracle Identity Cloud Service, then the user is also deleted from the authoritative application.

There is no workaround for this at the moment.