Assign Groups to Custom Applications

You can modify custom applications by assigning groups to them. Users who are members of these groups can access the My Apps page to view these applications.

Prerequisite: The application must be activated.
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Applications.
  2. Click the application that you want to modify.
  3. Click Groups.
  4. Click Assign.
  5. In the Assign Groups window, do one of the following.
    1. Select the check box for each group that you want to assign to the application.
    2. For a provisioned application, select Assign next to the group that you want to assign to the application. Enter the required values for the form, and then click Save.


      If the form contains multi-valued attributes, then an Add button appears to the right of each attribute. Click Add, and then in the Allowed Values window, select the values for the attribute, and click OK.

      The All Tenant Users group is a default group that's created by Oracle Identity Cloud Service. All Oracle Identity Cloud Service users are assigned to this group, by default. If you assign this group to any of your applications, then all users are assigned to these applications indirectly.

  6. Click OK.


If you assigned a provisioned application to the group, then you can modify the values of the application form. To do this, click the Action menu Action menu, select Edit, change the appropriate values, and then click Save.