Assign Groups to Oracle Applications

Once you activate the applications, you can assign groups to Oracle applications by using the Application Roles tab.

  1. Click Application Roles.
  2. Select the check box for the application role of the Oracle application to which you want to assign groups.
  3. Click More, and then select Assign Groups.
  4. In the Assign Groups window, select the check box for each group that you want to assign to the application role.
  5. Click Assign.


    The All Tenant Users group is a default group that's created by Oracle Identity Cloud Service. All Oracle Identity Cloud Service users are assigned to this group, by default. If you assign this group to any of your applications, then all users are assigned to these applications indirectly.
    The application role displays a group icon and a Groups Assigned link. The link displays the number of groups that you assigned to the application role.
  6. Click Groups Assigned.
  7. In the Groups Assignments window, verify that you see the groups that you assigned to the application role.
  8. Click Close.