Remove Groups from Oracle Applications

You can remove groups from Oracle applications from the Application Roles tab. You can remove groups from Oracle applications only after you activate the applications.

  1. Click Application Roles.
  2. Select the check box for the application role of the Oracle application from which you want to remove groups.


    You can see which application roles have groups assigned to them by the group icon and the Groups Assigned link that appears in the application role.
  3. Click More, and then select Revoke Groups.
  4. In the Revoke Groups window, select the check box for each group that you want to remove from the application role.


    The All Tenant Users group is a default group that's created by Oracle Identity Cloud Service. All Oracle Identity Cloud Service users are assigned to this group, by default. If you remove the All Tenant Users group from your applications, then access rights to these applications are revoked for every Oracle Identity Cloud Service user.
  5. Click Revoke.