Change Administrator Account Credentials for AD Bridge

Use the AD Bridge client to update administrator account details.

If the Active Directory credentials of the administrator changes, or if you want to use a diffferent administrator for AD Bridge, use the AD Bridge client to update them.
  1. Open ADBridgeUI.exe. It’s in the AD Bridge installation folder. The default path is C:\Program Files\Oracle\IDBridge.
  2. Click Update AD Credentials and enter the changed user name and password, or the user name and password of another administrator.
  3. Check the credentials by clicking Test.
    When you click Test, the AD Bridge checks the following:
    • Whether sync is running or not. If it is running, wait for it to finish then try again. You can see the sync status in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Admin console. See Check a Bridge Data Synchronization Status.
    • That the credentials are valid. If they are not, check and re-enter them, then test again.
  4. Click Update.