Locate a New Domain Controller

The domain controller is used to sync data between Active Directory (AD) and Oracle Identity Cloud Service. If the domain controller you have configured changes or you’re having domain controller connectivity issues (for example, an LDAP Server Unavailable error), use the AD Bridge client to locate another domain controller to use.

  1. Open ADBridgeUI.exe. It’s in the AD Bridge installation folder. The default path is C:\Program Files\Oracle\IDBridge.
  2. Click Detect Domain Controller and AD Bridge checks connectivity with the currently configured domain controller that’s listed in the AD Domain Controller field.

    If you receive a Sync already running error, this error occurs when a sync is currently running by AD Bridge and you try to detect a new domain controller. Wait for current sync to finish and retry once it’s completed.

    If you receive a Connection was forcibly closed by remote host error, this error occurs when the AD Bridge is not able to discover a new domain controller and the configured domain controller is also not working. Check that the machine on which the AD Bridge is installed is connected to the domain by using the Test Connectivity button.

  3. If there’s connectivity to this domain controller and it’s working properly, a success message appears. Click OK.
  4. If the configured domain controlled is no longer a domain controller or there are any connectivity issues with it, then AD Bridge searches for another available domain controller and displays a message listing the new domain controller found by AD Bridge.
    1. Click Yes and AD Bridge switches to the new domain controller and initiates a full sync.
    2. Click No and AD Bridge continues to use the currently configured domain controller.