Change User Permissions for a Base Schema Attribute

In addition to adding, editing, or removing custom schema attributes for the Oracle Identity Cloud Service user schema, you may want to change permissions for an out-of-the-box (base) attribute for this schema.

For example, to maximize the real estate of the Details tab of the Users page of the Identity Cloud Service console, you may want to hide base attributes that your subscribers don’t use. Or, you may to protect the values associated with some base attributes so that they’re not changed inadvertently.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then click Schema Management.
  2. Click the User schema.
  3. In the Filter attribute type section, click Base, and then click the display name of the base attribute for which you want to change user permissions.
  4. From the End-user permissions field, select the permission that you want to set for this attribute. See Add a Custom Schema Attribute.
  5. After making your change, click OK.