Configure Security Questions

Configure security questions settings, select the security questions that a user may use as a second verification method during log in, and add custom security questions.

  1. In the Oracle Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Security, Factors, and then select the Security Questions tab.
  2. In the Security Questions Settings section, set options for answer length and the number of questions a user is asked. The default number of security questions that a user must set up is set to three and can't be changed using the UI. If you need to change this number, you must use the /SecurityQuestionSettings endpoint.
  3. In the Manage Security Questions section, select the check boxes for the questions that you want to use. To disable a default security question, deselect the check box for that question.
    • To add a custom security question, select the language in which you want to view the security questions, click Add Question, enter the custom security question in the default language row indicated with an asterisk (*), and click Save.

      Optionally, enter the translated question text into the appropriate language row. When you view the custom security questions in a different language, those questions appear in your default language if you don’t provide translated question text.

    • To edit a custom security question, click the menu to the right of the question, select Edit, make your changes, and click Save..
    • To remove a custom question (you can't remove default questions), click the menu to the right of the question, select Remove, and click Remove at the confirmation dialog box.