Create Self-Registration Profiles

To manage self-registration for different sets of users, approval policies, and applications, create self-registration profiles.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then Self Registration.
  2. Click Add Profile.
  3. Complete the Details section.
    • Enter a unique Profile Name.
    • To require a user to accept the terms of use during self-registration, turn on the User Consent Required option.
    • To hide the terms of use from the user during self-registration, turn off the User Consent Required option.
    • To add groups to the profile, click Add in the Assign to Group section.
    • Add the domains allowed during the self-registration process in the Allowed Email Domains field.


      Enter all or leave this field blank to allow all email domains.

  4. Upload footer and header logos or keep the default logos.
  5. Complete the Self-Registration Content section.
    • Enter the Registration Page Name that you want to appear as a link on your customized login page.
    • Add header, footer, and success text or keep the default values.
    • If you have turned on the User Consent Required option, enter the text in the User Consent Text field.


    Click Cancel to discard your changes and return to the Manage Self-Registration Profiles page. Currently, you can only delete profiles using the REST API.
  6. Click Save.
    The Profile ID that you need for the self-registration link is created.
  7. On the Manage Self-Registration Profiles page, use the action menu to activate the profile.

Next, you must construct a self-registration URL. Click the profile that you created and use the Profile ID to construct a URL exactly like the following: https://[]/ui/v1/signup?profileid=[ProfileID]

If the URL is not constructed properly, you receive an error stating that your profile was not found. Verify that the syntax of the URL is correct.

This URL gives the user access to the self-registration page. After the user completes self-registration and clicks Submit, they are presented with a success page. The user must then click the link Click here to continue to go to the My Apps page in Oracle identity Cloud Service. If the user does not click the link within 1 hour, the token expires and user is presented with the Login page.