Create a Service Instance

Create secondary Oracle Identity Cloud Service instances using the Instance Management feature.

Creating a secondary service instance includes assigning an identity domain administrator to the instance and selecting the license type for the instance.

  1. Sign in to the Identity Cloud Service console of your primary instance as the cloud account administrator.
  2. Expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Instance Management.
  3. In the Instance Management page, click Add.
  4. In the Add Instance window, provide the following instance information, and then click Save:

    Table 8-1 Add Instance information.

    Parameter Description
    Display Name The display name of the instance.
    Administrator's First Name Identity domain administrator's first name for this instance.
    Administrator's Last Name Identity domain administrator's last name for this instance.
    Administrator's User Name Identity domain administrator's user name for this instance.
    Administrator's Email Identity domain administrator's email for this instance.
    License Type Select one of the license types available for Oracle Identity Cloud Service. See About Oracle Identity Cloud Service Pricing Models

Your new instance appear in the list with status of Processing. After the instance is created, the status changes to Active.


If the status changes to Failed, click the Failed icon Failed Icon to access the log files to learn why the instance couldn't be created.