Customize the Sign In Page

When starting the UI, the user sees the Sign In page.

You can customize this page by:
  • Modifying the language of the text in the page

  • Branding the page so that it displays the company name and logo

  • Adding login text to the page. This text provides additional information that the user requires to log in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

You can preview your customizations before saving them. This way, you can ensure that they meet your business requirements.

To customize the Sign In page, use the Branding page in the Identity Cloud Service console. To open the Branding page, you must be assigned to either the identity domain administrator role or the security administrator role. See Add or Remove a User Account from an Administrator Role.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then click Branding.
  2. Because you want to customize the Sign In page, click Custom Branding.
  3. Click Translation, and then select the language of the text for the Sign In page and the country for your identity domain. If you want English to be the text for the Sign In page, and your identity domain is located in the United States, then select English (United States).


    Make sure the language that you specify for the Sign In page matches the default language of your web browser.
  4. In the Company Name field, enter the name of the company for the Sign In page.
  5. In the Login Text field, enter and format the login text for the page.
  6. In the Desktop Logo or the Mobile Device Logo region of the Sign In Page pane, click Upload.
  7. Select the company logo that appears in the Sign In page when the user accesses the page through a web browser or mobile device.


    Make sure that your logo has a GIF, JPEG, or PNG file extension, does not exceed 200 pixels for the height or width, and has a maximum file size of 300 KB.
  8. Click Preview Sign In.
    A web page opens that displays a preview of the customizations you made to the Sign In page.
  9. Verify your customizations to the Sign In page.
  10. Reduce the size of the preview web page so that the dimensions of the page resemble the dimensions of a mobile device.
  11. Verify your customizations to the Sign In page again.
  12. Click Save.
  13. In the Confirmation window, click Yes.