Brand the Consoles

You can brand the Identity Cloud Service console and the My Profile console to display the company logo in the header regions of the consoles. You can preview your customizations before saving them. This way, you can ensure that they meet your business requirements.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then click Branding.
  2. In the side navigation bar, click Branding.
  3. If Oracle Branding (default) is selected, then click Custom Branding.
  4. In the Desktop Logo or the Mobile Device Logo region of the Console pane, click Upload.
  5. Select the company logo that will appear in the header region of both the Identity Cloud Service console and the My Profile console when the user accesses the consoles using a web browser or mobile device.


    Make sure that your logo has a GIF, JPEG, or PNG file extension, does not exceed 200 pixels for the height or width, and has a maximum file size of 300 KB.
  6. Click Preview Console.
    A web page opens that displays a preview of the logo you added.
  7. Verify that the logo appears properly.
  8. Reduce the size of the preview web page so that the dimensions of the page resemble the dimensions of a mobile device.
  9. Verify that the logo appears properly again.
  10. Click Save.
  11. In the Confirmation window, click Yes.