Edit Configuration Information for Custom Applications

You can edit configuration information for custom applications.

  1. Click Configuration.
  2. Expand the Client Configuration node.
  3. Modify a configuration value for the custom application by:
    • Entering the value in the attribute field (for example, in the Redirect URL field, entering the application URL where the user is redirected after authentication)
    • Clicking a button (for example, adding a resource to the custom application by clicking Add or removing a scope for a trusted application by clicking Remove)
    • Selecting or clearing the check box (for example, allowing the resource owner to be a grant type for the custom application by selecting Resource Owner)
    • Selecting the value from the menu (for example, selecting User Administrator from the Grant the client access to Identity Cloud Service Admin APIs. list to enable the custom application to access user administrator-related APIs)
  4. If your custom application is a confidential or a mobile application, then you can switch Bypass Consent on or off.
  5. If your custom application is a confidential application, then expand the Resources node.
    If your custom application is a mobile application, then the Resources node doesn't appear in the Configuration tab. This is because confidential applications run on a protected server, and mobile applications run on an unauthenticated web browser or a mobile device.
  6. Modify a configuration value for the protected resources of your confidential application. See step 3 for more information about how to edit configuration values.
  7. Click Save.

See Add a Confidential Application, Add a Mobile Application, and Add a SAML Application for more information about the configuration settings for client applications.