Generate and Use the Bypass Code

If you enabled the Bypass Code factor in Oracle Identity Cloud Service, users can choose to generate a bypass code after they enroll in 2-Step Verification.

  1. After the user successfully signs in and provides a second authentication factor, they can access the My Profile page in Oracle Identity Cloud Service by clicking their user initials in the upper-right corner, and then selecting My Profile from the drop-down list.
  2. The user needs to then select the 2-step Verification tab, and then click Manage
  3. On the 2-Step Verification page, the user clicks Generate Bypass Code. In the confirmation dialog box, the user should copy the bypass code and store it in a safe place for future usage as a backup verification method.
  4. The user then clicks Done. The bypass code appears in a table that displays the number of uses allowed and when the code expires.
  5. Instruct the user to sign out and then access Oracle Identity Cloud Service's My Profile page again. Have the user sign in, but instead of providing the 2-Step Verification factor, click Use backup verification method, select Use a bypass code, and then provide the previously generated bypass code. The user should be able to successfully access the Oracle Identity Cloud Service My Profile page.
The generated Bypass Code works can only be used once. The user should generate a new bypass code and store it for future use.