How to Enable and Access App Gateway Logs

App Gateway provides log files to help you monitor App Gateway's behavior. Learn how to configure and access thes log files.

Configure App Gateway Logs

Enable App Gateway log files and configure logging levels.

To disable logs or change the log levels of the App Gateway server, login to the server, edit the /usr/local/nginx/conf/cloudgate.config file, and then under the general section, change the value of the logLevel attribute, and then save the file.

The following are default values for App Gateway:


Values for the logLevel attribute are: off | crit | security | config | fail | warn | info | trace1 | trace2 | trace3.

By Default, the log files are located in the /usr/local/nginx/logs folder. If you want to change the default log folder, then update the value of the logFolder attribute under the general section of the /usr/local/nginx/conf/cloudgate.config file.

To change the log level for the agent service of the App Gateway, modify the /usr/local/nginx/conf/cloudgate.config file, and set the logLevel and logFolder attributes under the agentConfig section as follows:

For example, to change the log level to trace3 and the log folder to /tmp, update the /usr/local/nginx/conf/cloudgate.config file with the following values, and then save the file.

The log level and log folder changes takes effect next time you start App Gateway. See Start and Stop App Gateway.

View App Gateway Logs

Learn about the different log files App Gateway uses.

App Gateway is based on a NGINX Server. The following NGIX native log files are located in the /usr/local/nginx/logs/ directory:

Table 29-1 NGINX Native Log Files

Log File Description
access.log NGINX Native access log contains information about all HTTP requests received by NGINX, and by App Gateway.
error.log NGINX Native debug log. Contains the NGINX Server process ID number.

The following App Gateway specific log files are located in the /usr/local/nginx/logs/ directory:

Table 29-2 App Gateway Log Files

Log File Description
cg-trace-main.log App Gateway main log file.
cg-trace-policy.log Logs information about a policy refresh, when App Gateway contacts Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
cg-trace-session.log Logs information about the sessions created and handled by App Gateway.
cg-trace-token.log Logs information about the access tokens received by App Gateway.
cg-trace-agent.log Agent logging file.
cg-trace-init.log Contains information about the initialization process.