Import User Accounts Using Oracle Identity Cloud Service UI

You can perform a full sync import of the user accounts of third party cloud applications using a flat file in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service UI. In a full sync import, the imported user accounts in the CSV file replaces any existing user who is already assigned into the application.

To import user accounts:
  1. Create a CSV file for import in the following format or download the CSV file along with user data from the target system apps:
    ID, NAME, ACTIVE,,true

    This table provides a description of the attributes in the CSV format file:

    Attribute Name Description Sample Value


    The unique identifier of the account in the target.


    The name of the account.

    NAME is the primary input that is matched with the username of a particular user in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.


    The status of the account on the target. The possible values are true and false.

    If the value is true, the user account is imported and activated. If the value is false, the user is imported in a deactivated state.


  2. In the Admin Console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and select Applications.
  3. Select the required application in which you want to import user accounts.
  4. Navigate to the Import tab.
  5. Note:

    Import from CSV file is enabled for applications that support flat file synchronization.
    Select Import, browse for the CSV file, and import it.
  6. Refresh the page to view the import result. If the import succeeds, then the user accounts present in the CSV file displays.
  7. Select Users tab to view the imported users.


    You need to refresh the Users tab to view the imported users.
  8. Observe that the users with a true value for ACTIVE attribute are activated. However, if a user account has false value for ACTIVE attribute, the user account is imported in a deactivated state.


    The Users tab displays only the matched and confirmed users.
  9. Synchronize the imported user accounts.
See Synchronizing Imported User Accounts to synchronize the imported user accounts with the users in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.