Import Users and Groups for Oracle Application Roles

You can use Oracle Identity Cloud Service to import users and groups using a comma-separated value (CSV) file to assign them to Oracle application roles.


To import or export users and groups for application roles, you must be assigned to either the identity domain administrator role or the application administrator role.
To import users and groups for Oracle application roles:
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Applications.
  2. In the Applications page, click the Oracle application that has roles to which you want to assign users and groups.
  3. Click Application Roles.
  4. Click Import.
  5. In the Import Application Roles window, click Browse to locate and select the CSV file that contains the users and groups to import.


    Click Download sample file in the dialog box to download a sample file.
  6. Verify that the path and name of the CSV file that you selected appear in the Select a file to import field.
  7. Click Import.
    If a user or a group is missing a required value, such as the user name or the group name, then Oracle Identity Cloud Service can't import the user or group. If Oracle Identity Cloud Service can't import the user or group, then it evaluates the next user or group in the CSV file.
  8. After Oracle Identity Cloud Service evaluates all users and groups, review the job results.
    • If the job can be processed immediately, then a dialog box appears with the Job ID link for your import job. Click the link. Review the details that appear on the Jobs page.
    • If the job cannot be processed immediately, then a message appears with a Schedule ID in it. Copy that ID and use it to search for the job on the Jobs page. The job will appear when processing completes. Go to Step 9.

    Oracle Identity Cloud Service assigns a job ID to each file that's imported or exported, for auditing purposes.

  9. On the Jobs page, locate the job that you want to view, and then click View Details.
    A table appears that displays the user names or group names, classification types (User or Group), and status of the users and groups that you imported and assigned to Oracle application roles in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
See Export Job Errors to download a CSV file of any errors to your local machine.