Understand Custom Secure Form Fill Apps

Custom secure form fill apps give you the flexibility to define tenant-level form fill apps that are not in the global Oracle App Catalog.

Secure Form Fill is the Oracle Identity Cloud Service alternative for single sign-on into apps that require auto-form fill but don't support OAuth, SAML, or federated sign-on methods.

Users enter their application credentials for form-fill-enabled apps in Oracle Identity Cloud Service once. Oracle Identity Cloud Service stores and encrypts the information, and automatically fills in the login form so that users can sign in without having to re-enter the information each time.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service stores the user's credentials in an encrypted format using strong encryption combined with a customer-specific private key. When a user launches the secure form fill application, which in turn prompts the login page, Oracle Identity Cloud Service detects and securely fills the user's credentials, submits the credentials to the app login page, and then the user is automatically signed in.