View Jobs and Job Details

Review the overall status of all jobs, the details for a specific job, and download a job file on the Jobs page.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Jobs.
  2. Use the following options to search for a specific job or to filter the job results that currently display:
    • To search for a specific job, enter your search criteria in the search field.
    • To specify a custom date range, click Date Range. To activate a date picker tool to select this range, click the Calendar icon in the Start Date and End Date fields.
    • To display jobs with only a specific status, choose a status from the Filter by Status drop-down list.
  3. (Optional) To view the details of any job, in any job row, click View Details.
  4. (Optional) To download a job file, in the Job Details view, click Download.