Web Browser

Learn about common problems that you might encounter when using a web browser with Oracle Identity Cloud Service and learn how to solve them.

When I try to launch Oracle Identity Cloud Service using Firefox on Linux, the web browser crashes. What now?

The problem is that you need an updated version of the Linux Firefox browser.

Install a newer version of Linux Firefox browser from https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/.

When I try to configure the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Bridge after downloading it by using Safari, it doesn't work. Why?

The AD Bridge runs only on a Windows environment. If you must download it to another environment, then you still have to install it on a Windows environment.

The User Name and Password Fields are Pre-Populating in the UI. How do I prevent this?

This is a common issue across browsers.

To resolve this issue, when the browser prompts you to remember the user name or password, for example, when logging in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service, select the option Never save password for this site.