Work with the Synchronization Failure Report

You can view the synchronization failure report of a provisioning application from the Import tab. The report contains the sync failures for the selected application. This report is useful in finding out the reason behind sync failures that occurred during account and object sync of an application.

  1. Select the Import tab of the application, and click Synchronization Failure.
  2. In the Synchronization Failure Report page, you can use the filters to narrow down the result based on the following criteria:
    1. Dates Range

      Choose the number of days for which you need the failure report. The possible values are: 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days and Custom Dates. Select Custom Dates to run the filter for a customized date range. Enter the Start Date and the End Date in the text box or select them from the calendar.

    2. Application

      The Application filter is case sensitive.

    3. Object Type

    To narrow down the result based on Application or Object Type, choose a value from the drop-down menu and enter a corresponding value in the text box. The available drop-down values are: Equals, Contains, Begins With and Ends With.


    If you select Equals as the value for drop-down menu and enter Google App in the text box, the filter will display entries only for Google App. If you select Begins With as the value for drop-down menu and enter G in the text box, the filter will display entries for applications starting with the letter G.
  3. Once you have set the filter, click Run to display the search result.

    The following table describes the various columns in the search filter:

    Filter Columns Description


    Displays the name of the Application.

    Object Type

    Displays the type of the Object, for example, Account, Group, Organization, Printer, and so on.

    Object Identifier

    Displays the unique ID of the object from which sync is performed.


    Displays the name of the object on which sync is performed.


    Displays the time when the sync was performed on the object.


    Displays the value of the Event Correlation Identifier (ECID).

    Failure Reason

    Displays the reason behind the synchronization failure.

  4. Click Download to export the search result in the tabular column to a CSV file.