Access Your Consents

For some applications, you must agree to the terms of use so that you can access them. Also, application resources may require consent so that client applications can access these resources. You can view and revoke the terms of use and consents of applications you have agreed upon.

The My Consents page of the My Profile console lists two types of applications:

  • Applications you have agreed to the terms of use.
  • Applications you have consented access to resources.

The Terms of Use Consents section in the My Consents page of the My Profile console is associated with consents that you agreed to upon accessing applications protected by Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

The Application Consents section of this page refers to OAuth consents that you allowed applications to access, for resource scopes that require consent.

  1. In the My Profile console, click My Consents.
    The page shows the list of applications that you have agreed to the terms of use, and the list of applications you have allowed consent.
  2. For both the Terms of Use Consents and Application Consents sections, perform the following:
    • Open the Terms of Use consent: Click one of the application names. The Terms of Use page opens and displays the statement of the consent the user agreed upon for the application.
    • Revoke: Select the check box in front of the application name, and then click Revoke.

      Alternatively, you can click the action menu option of the application, and then click Revoke.

      In the Confirmation window, click OK to confirm you want to revoke the terms of use consent.