SAP Ariba Adapter Restrictions

Note the following SAP Ariba Adapter restrictions.

  • Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) attachments in an Ariba outbound SOAP service scenario are not supported because this is not supported by the Oracle Integration Adapter SDK. To continue without attachments, ensure that the attachments are disabled in the Ariba sandbox.
  • During the data import process from any adapter or system, the SAP Ariba Adapter performs the following tasks:
    • Compresses a large data file and turns it into a ZIP file
    • Sends only a 10 MB ZIP file to the SAP Ariba sandbox
    • Updates the status to 200
    For large data, the SAP Ariba Adapter divides the total data into chunks of 10 MB (zipped file size) and sends ZIP files of 10 MB in size in each turn. The SAP Ariba Adapter retains ZIP files of less than 10 MB in size (does not send the file to the SAP Ariba sandbox), but updates the status to 200. The SAP Ariba Adapter sends a ZIP file less than 10 MB in size in the final submit call.


    The status update to 200 by the SAP Ariba Adapter means data has been transferred to the sandbox. A status update to 200 does not include any information about data processing in the SAP Ariba sandbox. For information about data processing, check the SAP Ariba sandbox.
  • The Transactional data operation does not show tasks that are not part of any batch process. For example, the Import Catalog Views operation is not part of any batch process. Therefore, the SAP Ariba Adapter does not show it in the user interface.

    While loading the Transactional data into SAP Ariba, the selected task should be part of a batch process. Otherwise, you cannot see the task in the user interface and cannot load the data.


    There are overall service limits with Oracle Integration. A service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. See Service Limits.