SAP Concur Adapter Capabilities

Use the SAP Concur Adapter with Swagger API versions 3.0 and 3.1 to perform travel and expense operations.

The SAP Concur Adapter requires no custom coding and the integration can be completed quickly without the need to hire a team of SAP Concur application programming specialists. The SAP Concur Adapter allows you to quickly import expense categories, employee data, customers, classes, and jobs. Use the SAP Concur Adapter to eliminate duplicate manual data entry and achieve faster data synchronization.

The SAP Concur Adapter provides support for SAP Concur’s Extract API and Payment Batch API. SAP Concur’s Extract Web Service enables you to request the extract of available data objects, such as approved expense reports, travel requests, and payment requests. SAP Concur’s Payment Batch API enables you to manage payment batches and collect their batch files.


You must know your edition of the SAP Concur application to correctly configure the SAP Concur Adapter on the Connections page.

See Identify the SAP Concur Application Edition.

The SAP Concur Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the SAP Concur Adapter as an invoke in Oracle Integration.