Oracle Unity Adapter Capabilities

The Oracle Unity Adapter enables you to create an integration between Oracle Unity and Oracle Integration.

You can create an integration with any platform, such as Salesforce, Google, Twitter, Workday, CX Sales, Responsys, and others.

Oracle Unity as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides you with one stop for all data segmentation and deduplication needs. You can ingest CRM data and create segments and campaigns, and export the data to other platforms.

The Oracle Unity public API, segmentation, and campaign play a major role in integrating the Oracle Unity Adapter with third-party applications. The Oracle Unity Adapter supports all these services with a single gateway. The Oracle Unity Adapter encapsulates the API details, authentication, request token refresh, and others.

The Oracle Unity Adapter enables nontechnical developers to build integration solutions from Oracle Unity to other applications without the complexities.

The Oracle Unity Adapter provides the following capabilities:

  • Supports connections protected using Resource Owner Password Credentials.

  • Supports all custom objects you define and custom fields you create in Oracle Unity, along with standard objects and fields.

  • Supports all segments you define in Oracle Unity.

  • Supports all ID graph rules you define in Oracle Unity for the 360 Data API.

  • Enables simplified bidirectional integration with other platforms.

  • Supports data ingestion into Oracle Unity from external sources. You can select the entity into which to ingest the data.

  • Exports data:

    • Segment:
      • You can select the unity segment.
    • 360 Data:
      • You can select an ID graph rule.
      • You can select a subrule.
    • Metadata of the entities

The Oracle Unity Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the Oracle Unity Adapter as an invoke connection in an integration in Oracle Integration.