Oracle Unity Adapter Restrictions

Be aware of the following constraints before configuring the Oracle Unity Adapter.

  • Data ingestion:
    • The Oracle Unity Adapter uses the Streaming API for ingesting data into the Oracle Unity Adapter. All the constraints applicable to the Streaming API are applicable to the Oracle Unity Adapter's ingest functionality.
    • The Oracle Unity Adapter uses the Streaming API for ingesting data into Oracle Unity. The data is not saved into Oracle Unity objects unless the data warehouse job is executed. Invoking the data warehouse job is not done by the Oracle Unity Adapter.
    • Only a maximum of five entities can be selected for data ingestion into Oracle Unity.
    • The names of the entities shown in the Ingest Config page and the names displayed in the mapper are different. The resource name of the entity is displayed in the mapper. The necessary message is displayed in the Oracle Unity Adapter Ingest Fields page about this difference.
    • Each data packet ingested into Oracle Unity cannot be more than 1 MB.
    • Rate Limit:
      • 200 API calls per second per tenant for data ingest.
  • Data export:
    • The Oracle Unity Adapter extracts data from Oracle Unity using the Data Query API. Therefore, it is subject to Data Query API limitations.
    • Each part extracted as part of data extraction cannot be more than 5 MB.
    • Rate Limit:
      • 60 API calls per second for data export.
  • The Oracle Unity Adapter is developed using the Oracle Integration adapter framework. Therefore, all restrictions pertaining to timeout and payload size limit of Oracle Integration are applicable.


There are overall service limits for Oracle Integration. A service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. See Service Limits.