Add the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as a Trigger (Source) Connection

Once the "PROCESS PO" integration is created, you can add the "Purchasing" connection that you just created by using the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as a trigger (source).

Perform the following steps to add the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as a trigger in the integration:

  1. In the "PROCESS PO" integration canvas, search the "Purchasing" connection that you created earlier from the Connections panel.

  2. Drag "Purchasing" from the Connections panel on the right to the Trigger (Source) area on the canvas. The Configure Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Endpoint wizard appears.

  3. Enter the following information In the Basic Info page:

    • What do you want to call your endpoint? - Enter "EBS_Source" as the endpoint name.

    • What does this endpoint do? - Enter "Process a purchase order in Oracle E-Business Suite".

    • What do you want to configure the endpoint for? - Select XML Gateway Map.

    Click Next to proceed with the rest of the configuration for your integration.

  4. In the XML Gateway Message page, specify the following information for your trigger (source) connection:

    • Product Family: Select "Procurement” from the product family.

    • Product: Select "Internet Procurement Enterprise Connector" from the list of product names.

    • XML Gateway Map: Select a desired XML Gateway message name from the drop-down list. For example, select "Purchase Order XML message".

      After you select the message map, the corresponding information is automatically populated in this page. This includes the Integration Repository name (PO:PRO), internal name (itg_process_po_007_out), integration standard (OAG 7.2) and the message map description.

    Click Next.

  5. The Summary page appears with the selected XML Gateway message information that you specified. This includes the XML Gateway message name itg_process_po_007_out from the selected "Procurement" product family and the "Internet Procurement Enterprise Connector" product, as well as the "Request Only" interaction pattern.

    The Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Source Endpoint configuration is successfully created with the selected XML Gateway message.

    Click Done.

    The connection for Oracle E-Businses Suite (called "Purchasing" in this example) now appears in the Trigger (Source) area on the canvas.