Invoke a File-Based Data Import (FBDI) Job

To invoke an FBDI job, follow the steps described in this section.

  1. Determine whether the job is an FBDI process. See File-Based Data Import for Oracle Financials Cloud for a list of FBDI jobs.
  2. To invoke and configure an FBDI job, select Import Bulk Data into Oracle ERP Cloud on the Actions page of the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard. See Invoke Actions Page.
  3. Go to the Operations page of the wizard. See Invoke Operations Page.
  4. Go to the Response page. The following functionality is provided:
    • For new integrations based on the ErpImportBulkDataEvent event:

      Select the Enable Callback check box. The Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter has been enhanced to enable raising the ErpImportBulkDataEvent event on the Oracle ERP Cloud application when the import job completes. The Integration Flow Identifier and Version fields have been removed because the callback integration now subscribes to the ErpImportBulkDataEvent event.

    • For older, existing callback-based integrations:

      Select the Enable Callback check box and continue to manually specify details in the Integration Flow Identifier and Version fields. The ErpImportBulkDataEvent event is not used.

  5. To invoke the FBDI job, you need a ZIP file consisting of a data file in CSV format and a manifest/properties file that has job details such as job name and its parameters.
The following documentation provides additional information: