Invoke a Non-File-Based Data Import (FBDI) Job

To invoke a non-FBDI job, follow the steps described in this section.

  1. Determine whether the job is an FBDI process. See File-Based Data Import for Oracle Financials Cloud.
  2. If the job is non-FBDI, perform the following steps:
    1. Generate the data file based on the template and upload it to Oracle WebCenter Content (Universal Content Manager). Use either ERPIntegrationService::uploadFileToUCM or the Universal Content Manager API /fscmService/GenericSoapPort.
    2. Invoke ERPIntegrationService::submitEssJobRequest.
    3. Invoke ERPIntegrationService::getEssJobStatus to get the status of the job. You may need to invoke it multiple times to get the final status.
    4. Invoke ERPIntegrationService::downloadEssJobExecutionDetails for the logs.