Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter Restrictions

Note the following Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter restrictions.

  • The SubmitJobwithOutput operation is being deprecated soon. It is recommended that you use the ExportBulkdata operation from Oracle ERP Cloud to submit Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) jobs and receive a call back in return.

  • Downloading files from Oracle WebCenter Content is not supported.

  • Oracle Fusion Applications allows clients to access the public event catalog using the HTTP basic authentication scheme. When the client is not allowed to communicate with the catalog using this scheme, they receive the following error: Server redirected too many times (20). This occurs while testing the Oracle Cloud connection. You must file a service request with Oracle Fusion Applications to resolve this issue.
  • When the child ESS job "Load Interface File for Import" fails, the Oracle Integration callback integration is not triggered. There is no current workaround for this issue. This is a known limitation with the Oracle ERP Cloud application.


There are overall service limits for Oracle Integration. A service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. See Service Limits.