Enable File Server

To begin using File Server in Oracle Integration, it must first be enabled for the Oracle Integration instance in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. Enabling File Server is a one time action.

If you select File Server from the navigation pane and it's not yet enabled for Oracle Integration, the following message appears:


To enable File Server for an Oracle Integration instance, you must have Oracle Cloud Infrastructure manage access to the instance. See Creating an OCI Policy to Manage Instances in Provisioning and Administering Oracle Integration and Oracle Integration for SaaS, Generation 2.

To enable File Server:

  1. Select your instance in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
    The Integration Instance Details page is displayed.
  2. Click the Enable link for File Server on the Integration Instance Information tab.
  3. When prompted to confirm enabling File Server, click Enable. The OIC icon turns orange and its status changes to Updating. Enablement can take several minutes.

    Once complete, the OIC icon changes back to green with an Active status, and File Server shows as Enabled.

  4. Configure File Server settings.
    1. Click Service Console from the buttons along the top of the Integration Instance Details page.
      Oracle Integration is displayed.
    2. From the left navigation pane, select Settings, then File Server, then Settings.
After enabling and configuring File Server, your next step is to configure settings so that you can monitor its health.