Invoke Configure File Write Page

Enter the FTP Adapter invoke file write parameters.


You can override the values for the output location and file name pattern in the mapper. Use XPath functions in the mapper to create the output location and file name.
Element Description

Select a Transfer Mode

Select the transfer mode:

  • ASCII: Transfers special control characters to format the data.

  • Binary: Transfers raw bytes of the file data.

Specify an Output Directory

Specify the directory path to which to transfer files (for example, /Oracle/output/file/).

Specify a File Name Pattern

Specify the pattern of file names to transfer to the output directory. Use the pattern inside %%. For example, Oracle%SEQ%ICS.txt creates files in sequence, such as Oracle1ICS.txt, Oracle2ICS.txt, and so on. For a list of supported file patterns, click the information icon.

Note: Use of these patterns leads to message loss if the messages are written to the file system at the same time or files are written to a separate node. To ensure that files are not overwritten, use the mapper to assign the file names explicitly. You can use XPath functions to ensure that file names are unique.

Append to Existing File

If selected, the file name is appended to the existing file name and is not overwritten.