What Is B2B for Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration provides support for B2B e-commerce with B2B for Oracle Integration.

B2B for Oracle Integration represents a collective set of features inside Oracle Integration to support EDI document processing. This includes the B2B action and a B2B schema editor to customize the EDI data formats. B2B for Oracle Integration provides for the secure and reliable exchange of business documents between Oracle Integration and a trading partner.

B2B for Oracle Integration works in an orchestrated integration through use of the B2B action. When you add this action to an integration, the Configure B2B Action Wizard is invoked to guide you through configuration with the EDI X12 document standard. See Use the B2B Action.


You can create an integration between an Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) trading partner and Oracle Integration with the AS2 Adapter. See AS2 Adapter Capabilities.