About the Migration Tooling

You use the following migration tooling to migrate Oracle Integration Classic instances to Oracle Integration on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Several tooling options are provided. Use the recommended tooling option based on the type of design-time metadata you need to migrate. The tooling options are described in subsequent sections of this guide.

Data to Migrate Tool Recommendation
All Integrations and Processes design-time metadata Use the Application Migration Service to export and import all Integrations and Processes design-time metadata together in your instance.

This tool helps you to discover Oracle Integration Classic service instances in your source environment, create Oracle Integration service instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, export design-time metadata from an Oracle Integration Classic service instance to an archive file, and import the archive file into an Oracle Integration service instance.

All Processes design-time metadata (alternate method) Use the import tool to export and import all Processes design-time metadata in your instance.
Visual Builder design-time metadata Visual Builder’s menu options to export the design-time metadata (visual applications) to an archive file that you then import into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.