Unsupported Tasks

Oracle does not possess the credentials for consoles such as WebLogic Server or Enterprise Manager. Therefore, a user is not blocked from performing tasks from these consoles. However, Oracle highly recommends that users DO NOT use these consoles.

The following lists some of the tasks that are not supported in Oracle Integration Classic (user-managed). DO NOT perform these tasks unless recommended by Oracle.

  • Changing load balancer (LBaaS) settings

  • Changing or removing CloudGate policies through Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST API

  • Changing WebLogic Server topology, including adding or deleting managed servers

  • Configuring SOA engine properties

  • Configuring SOA MBean settings

  • Changing the WebLogic JVM settings

  • Configuring WebLogic resources including data sources, connection pools, JMS servers, work managers, and partitions

  • Configuring WebLogic MBean settings

  • Deploying composites or service bus projects

  • Deleting files including temporary files

  • Deploying new Java EE applications to WebLogic

  • Installing or uninstalling Linux programs

  • Modifying date and metadata using SQL

  • Modifying or deleting the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Applications, Application ID, and roles that are created by default in Oracle Identity Cloud Service administration console.

  • Modifying firewall rules (iptables)

  • Modifying Linux operating system privileges

  • Modifying MDS metadata

  • Modifying OPSS permissions

  • Modifying SSH keys

  • Patching Oracle Linux with unsupported updates

  • Restarting WebLogic Server, Managed Server, or Node Managers through WebLogic Server Console.

  • Tuning Linux operating system settings

  • Using compute console to modify security rules or reserve IP address

  • Viewing, modifying, or deleting suite-generated composites, service bus projects, and folders.