Oracle Intelligent Advisor Adapter Capabilities

Use the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Adapter in an integration to allow web interviews to trigger Oracle Integration integrations as the endpoints for data operations, and to allow Intelligent Advisor decision assessments to be invoked at any point in an integration.

Use the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Adapter for interviews

The Oracle Intelligent Advisor Adapter can be used to develop integrations in Oracle Integration that load and save the data needed by deployed interviews. The interview operations will be exposed by the adapter as inbound operations, allowing Oracle Integration integrations to be triggered by requests received from Intelligent Advisor. When such an integration is activated in Oracle Integration, the endpoint will be recorded in Intelligent Advisor so that the appropriate integration can be invoked by the interview data operations.

Use the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Adapter for assessments

Any Intelligent Advisor policy model deployed as a web service can be used in an integration. By using the Oracle Integration ability to connect to anything, the decision logic in Intelligent Advisor can be incorporated into any enterprise application without the need to build a custom connector.

Use OAuth to Secure Communications

Use OAuth to secure communications between Oracle Integration and Intelligent Advisor.