Oracle and Customer Responsibilities in Oracle Integration Generation 2

This table summarizes the division of responsibilities between Oracle and customers in Oracle Integration Generation 2.

R=Responsible, A=Accountable, C=Consulted, I=Informed

Task Oracle's Role Customer's Role Comments
Patching and upgrade R, A I

Quarterly functional patching and monthly maintenance patching involve zero downtime. Oracle completes all update work on your behalf, with no work required by you.

Do not stop or start instances on a nightly basis. During routine maintenance patching, lifecycle operations are disabled. This may lead to a situation where the service instance cannot be started or stopped for several hours while the patching cycle completes. See Stop and Start an Oracle Integration Instance.

High availability R, A I - -
Disaster recovery C R, A See Introduction in Configuring a Disaster Recovery Solution for Oracle Integration Generation 2.
Security and compliance R, A I - -
Maintenance notifications R, A I - -
Service provisioning C, A R, I - -
User setup, roles and, permissions C R, A - -
Overage tracking and management C R, A - -
Test-to-production promotion C R, A - -
On-premises connectivity agent installation C R, A - -
On-premises connectivity agent upgrade/patching R, A I

Note: When a new version of the on-premises connectivity agent becomes available, your host is automatically upgraded with the latest version.

There is no downtime or interruption of service for in-process integrations that use the connectivity agent. You are notified of upgrade success.

Source control and continuous integration C R, A You can implement continuous integration/continuous delivery in Oracle Integration. See this blog.
Integration monitoring and management C R, A - -

See Preserve Your Instance Data.