REST Adapter Trigger Request Parameters Page

Enter the REST Adapter request parameters for this endpoint.

Element Description

Resource URI

Displays the endpoint relative resource URI entered on the Basic Info page.

Specify Query Parameters

Specify query parameters for the REST endpoint.

Click the Add icon to display a row for entering the parameter name and selecting its data type. For example, specify state and select a data type of string.

Click the Delete icon to delete a selected row.

Template Parameters

Displays the template parameters in the relative resource URI. Template parameters are based on details you specified on the Basic Info page and cannot be edited.

Template parameters must be defined as part of a path with curly braces around them. For example, the URL default/customers/{cust-id}/{ship-id has cust-id and ship-id template parameters. You can change the data type for the parameters.

  • Any query and template parameters added or configured are available for mapping in the mapper and in the actions in orchestrated integrations.

  • Query and template parameter values added in the URL specified on the Connection page do not appear in the mapper. Instead, the template and query parameters must be configured in the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard for those parameters to appear in the mapper.