Apply Message Security to Integrations

To protect message exchange for your integrations, especially when interacting with external cloud services leveraging SOAP, apply message protection. This protection applies request/response message encryption using OWSM message policies to the connection. As part of message security, you apply keystore credentials and security certificates. After you apply message protection, you can manage certificates and credentials in multiple ways in Process.

To configure message security:
  1. Add or edit an integration. See Creating a Web Service Connector.
  2. In the Advanced Properties options, select APP Id - Username Token With Message Protection.

    The window expands to include certificate alias and keystore credential fields.

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  3. Complete the credentials fields.
    Select a design-time key or select [New Key] and add one, entering a username and password. If needed, administrators can update credentials in runtime, as described in Configure Credentials for Web Services.
  4. In the Certificate Alias field, select a design-time certificate or select [New Certificate Alias] and create a new one. To create a new design-time certificate, click Add Certificate, enter an alias name, and either upload a file or paste certificate content.
  5. Manage certificates and their expiration dates as needed.
You can manage and maintain separate certificates for design time and runtime, applying them as needed during deployment. See Manage Security Certificates During Design Time and Manage Security Certificates during Runtime.