Configure the Activation Permissions

Let’s talk about the activation strategy. Do you want just your administrators to be able to activate an application? Developers can create applications and test activate them to a sandbox environment, but they have to ask administrators to activate the final application to production. On the other hand, do you want developers to be responsible for activating their applications?

Think about how you want to handle this and what approach is best for your organization. Also, if you have more than one instance of an Oracle Integration, then different environments can have different strategies. For example, one instance might be for building, modeling, and testing applications. This instance is open so developers and administrators can activate applications. The second instance is only for production applications. This instance is private, and only administrators can activate applications.
To configure the activation permissions:
  1. In the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click Processes, click Process Applications, and then click Activate.
  2. For each server, use the drop-down list to select the permission for activating applications to the server.
    • Private: Only administrators can activate applications to the server.

    • Open: Administrators and developers can activate applications to the server.