Create a Decision Model from Scratch

Create a new decision model to use in your process applications.

  1. Go to the Home page, click Processes, and then click Decision Models.
  2. Click Create, and then click Create a Decision Model.
  3. Enter information into the Create Decision Model dialog box. Here are a few things to note:
    Field Description
    Name and Description

    Make sure the decision model name and description are useful. Give the user a good idea of what the decision model is all about and why they might want to use it. Good names and descriptions help users distinguish decision models with a similar title or purpose. Also, you can’t change the name after the decision model is created.


    Select the space where the new decision model will be stored. To create a new space, select New Space from the drop-down list.

    Open Immediately

    Most of the time you’ll want to leave the Open Immediately check box selected so you can start configuring and testing your decision model right away.

    Deselecting the check box is good if you want to create placeholders for several decision models at once and modify them at a later time.

  4. Click Create.

    The decision model editor opens in the graph view. See Understand Decision Model Views.

    In the editor, you can:

    • Add decisions and sub-decisions

    • Define the input data

    • Model the decision logic

    • Test your decisions

    • Create decision services to implement your decision model

Edit or Delete a Decision Model

You can edit an existing decision model by clicking and opening it in the decision model editor.

Description of space_view.png follows
Description of the illustration space_view.png


If you add a new service or change the service definition within your decision model, you’ll need to create a new reference to the decision model on Process, re-implement the activity, and re-associate the data.

Within the selected decision model, click Options Options icon. of the decision, service, input data, or input type to edit it.

To delete a decision model, click Options Options icon. and then select Delete Model.

Description of delete_model1.png follows
Description of the illustration delete_model1.png

Deleting a decision model that is currently in use in one or more applications deactivates and deletes all the deployed decision model snapshots.

Description of delete_model.png follows
Description of the illustration delete_model.png


Deleting a decision model or its snapshot that is currently in use in one or more applications does not delete references to it in the Process application. This may result in errors during runtime when the application tries to call the decision service associated with a decision model that has previously been deleted from the DMN server.