Expose Decisions as Services

To use your decision models in one or more Process applications, you must add at least one decision service in the decision model before you deploy the decision model. The decision service will expose one or more output decisions of your decision model as public REST APIs. A decision service consists of a set of input data and a set of output decisions from the containing decision model. You can use the decision services in your process to implement a decision model.

To configure a decision service:
  1. In the decision model editor, expand the Services pane.
  2. Click Add Add icon to open the Add New Decision Service dialog box.
  3. Enter a name for the decision service and click OK.
    The new service appears in the pane with two fields, namely Output Decisions and Input Data.
  4. Click the Output Decisions field to select the output decision you want to expose through the service.
  5. Similarly, click the Input Data field to select the input data to expose through the service.
    You can add multiple values for the input data and the output decision.
To edit or delete an existing decision service, click Options Options icon next to the service name. You can also view or copy the URL, request payload, and response payload of the decision service.