Generate Application Reports

You can generate reports that list each process in your application and show detailed information about each process.

To generate a process report:
  1. Go to the Home page and click Processes.
  2. Open the application that you want to get reports for.
  3. Click Main menu Main Menu icon and select Process Report.
  4. Select the report you want to generate. Also, select any optional settings.
    • To include descriptions and other documentation in the report, select the Show Documentation check box. The type of documentation that appears on a specific report depends on the report. See Document Your Applications.

    • To include information such as requirements, links to attachments, and tracking of issues and comments, select the Show Business Properties check box. Business properties can be at the application-level or the process-level.

    • Be sure to select your preferred file format for the report. The default is HTML.

  5. Click OK.