How can I manage documents in folders?

When Oracle Content Management is integrated with Process, you get more robust file features than you do with the file attachment functionality. You can organize files into folders and subfolders, control folder access, and manage documents.

The Documents folder enables you to upload and manage documents and folders in Process. In the Documents folder, you can perform two types of actions:

  • Folder actions

  • File actions

The Folder actions are common for all files and folders and the File actions only appear when you select a file.

Folder Actions

The following action items are displayed in the toolbar:

  • Share this folder (not available for Process).

  • Upload files.

  • Create a new folder.

  • Open the content in Oracle Content Management. To do so, click Oracle Documents Oracle Documents icon.

File Actions

Select a file in the Documents folder to perform any of the following actions:

Actions Description


View selected file in Oracle Content Management.


Download selected file.


Move selected items to another location.


Copy selected items to another location.


Delete selected items.


Share selected item.

This action isn’t available for Process.

Upload New Version

Upload a new version of the selected file.

Version History

View all versions associated with the selected file.


Rename selected item.


View properties of the selected item.

Sort by

Sort the selected items using the Last Updated, Name Ascending, and Name Descending filters.

Click More Sort Options More Sort Options icon to select the filter.

View as Grid icon

View file information either in Grid or List format.

Click the Views icon, located on the toolbar, to alternate between views.

Download icon

Click the Download icon to download files.

Want to learn more about these folder and file actions? See Manage Your Content in Collaborating on Documents with Oracle Content Management.